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Miscellaneous Sites

Associated with the Third Reich

Part 9


   The following sites can be found on this page: Third Reich model housing area in Erlenbach am Main (Hessen); Frauenwald explosives factory ruins (Bavaria).


A housing area, or Siedlung, for rayon factory workers and their families was built in the town of Erlenbach am Main in 1938 (period images from Prof. Gerdy Troost, "Das Bauen im Neuen Reich," Part 2, Bayreuth, 1943)  (Google Maps link)


Frauenwald Explosives Factory

In the early 1940s the DAG company (Dynamit Aktien Gesellschaft) built a plant to manufacture gunpowder components in a forest between Landsberg/Lech and Kaufering in Bavaria (code name "Hopfen" (Hops). The principal product was to be nitrocellulose (gun cotton), but the plant never went into production, due to wartime delays in finishing construction. The production facilities and machinery were dismantled after the war (upper right), but the buildings were not demolished. There were eventually some 130 buildings dedicated to explosives and chemicals production and storage; many of these remain in a ruined state in the forest today (these photos show only a few of the remaining buildings). Note: These buildings and ruins are surrounded by a modern industrial area, and they may be lost to expansion of this area.  (Google Maps link)


The building shown above was reportedly for manufacturing powder components, with armored concrete balconies for the workers to take shelter in case of an accident inside the building. In common with many of the Frauenwald buildings, the roof was flat and meant to be planted with vegetation as camouflage from aerial reconnaissance. The functions of the buildings and ruin shown below are unknown to me.


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