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Haus der Deutschen Kunst, Munich

Part 2  --  Nazi Leader Portraits and Party Themes


   In addition to portraits of Hitler, other Nazi leaders and military heroes were also featured. Another frequent Nazi Party theme was the Sturm Abteilungen (SA - Brown Shirts), often shown marching through their Communist enemies.


HommelGoeringHDK39.jpg (72564 bytes)

HGjaeger.jpg (13338 bytes)

"Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Göring" by Conrad Hommel, 1939

"Reichsjägermeister Hermann Göring" (Hermann Goering as Chief Huntsman) by Conrad Hommel, 1939


HessHDK37.jpg (86116 bytes)

EinbeckHesscol.jpg (76793 bytes)

"Bildnis Reichsminister Heß" by Carl Horn, 1937

"Reichsminister Rudolf Heß" by Walter Einbeck, 1939


Heinrich Himmler portrait by Conrad Hommel.


Goebbels.jpg (81890 bytes)

Heydrichport.jpg (87073 bytes)

"Reichsminister Dr. Josef Goebbels" by Wilhelm Pitthan, 1938

"SS-Gruppenführer Heydrich" by Josef Vietze, 1941 (in the background is the Allach porcelain figure "Der Fechter" - Heydrich was an avid fencer)


"Oberst Mölders" by Wolfgang Willrich, 1941 (Werner Mölders was a popular Luftwaffe ace who was killed in a plane crash in 1941, on his way to attend the funeral of Ernst Udet (at right).

"Ernst Udet" by Jo Hengge (Udet was a WW1 ace and Luftwaffe commander who committed suicide in 1941).


vonSeeckt.jpg (91398 bytes)

Endrass.jpg (141749 bytes)

"Generaloberst von Seeckt" by Franz Triebsch, 1937 (Hans von Seeckt was a World War I leader who commanded the Reichswehr during the Weimar Republic).

"Eichenlaubträger Kapitänleutnant Endraß" by Lothar Buchheim, 1942 (Engelbert Endraß was a U-boat commander who had been awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves; killed in action in December 1941, commanding U-567).


putsch1.jpg (124704 bytes)

So_war_SA.jpg (153388 bytes)

The Munich Putsch, 1923, by Schmitt (U.S. Army collections)

"So war SA" (Thus the SA) by Elk Eber, 1938


Appell1933.jpg (122436 bytes)

Passion6.jpg (163701 bytes)

"Appell am 23. Februar 1933" (Assembly) by Elk Eber, 1937

"Deutsche Passion VI" by Richard Schwarzkopf, 1937


Gesiegt1.jpg (87708 bytes)

Aufbruch40.jpg (127288 bytes)

"Und ihr habt doch gesiegt" (Yet Victory is Yours) by Paul Hermann, 1942. This painting showed the annual Nazi memorial ceremony at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich, at the site where the 1923 putsch had been stopped by Bavarian police, resulting in 16 of the putschists shot dead. The title (which can be translated in several different ways) was from a speech by Adolf Hitler.

"Aufbruch" (Departure) by Willy Waldapfel, 1940


HJTrommler.jpg (7752 bytes)

Hoheitsadler.jpg (10369 bytes)

"HJ-Trommler" (Hitler Jugend Drummer) by Anni Spetzler-Proßchwitz, 1938

"Hoheitsadler" (National Eagle) by Hanns Goebl, 1941


ArthurKampf1938KDR.jpg (48378 bytes)

Hermann9Nov.jpg (61874 bytes)

"Der 30. Januar 1933" by Arthur Kampf, 1939 (parade through Berlin on the night Hitler was named German Chancellor)

"Feier des 9. November an der Feldherrnhalle in München" By Paul Hermann, 1941


Rudolf_Hermann_Eisenmemger_Austria_1941.jpg (10909 bytes)

Tschech44.jpg (161877 bytes)

"Heimkehr der Ostmark" (Homecoming of Austria) by Rudolf Eisenmenger, 1941 (an allegorical painting showing Austria liberated from its shackles by Nazi Germany)

"High Nazi Morale Amid the Rubble" by Will Tschech, 1944


HommelGoeringstab41.jpg (337663 bytes)

StaegerSSGuard.jpg (62498 bytes)

"Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring" by Conrad Hommel, 1941

"SS-Wache" (SS Guard) by Ferdinand Staeger



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