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National Archives, Record Group 242.2, Motion Pictures Branch, Archives II, College Park, Maryland

Annotations by Geoffrey R. Walden (copyright).


Notes:  Times (in hours:minutes:seconds) refer to running times on the 3-DVD set - the one that reproduces the entire film set in the National Archives (see below). The times are approximate, and will not match all DVD sets, due to different production methods and different DVD timers.

As assembled from the separate film spools found in 1945, the reels as they exist today are extremely jumbled – films from the same day appear on several different reels. Additionally, the set contains a film that was not one of Eva Braun’s (10 minutes at the beginning of Reel 4). Most of the black and white footage taken by Eva Braun and her friends appears to date from the war years, most of the color footage being from the late 1930s.

Many of the people in these films were Eva Braun’s family and friends – not Nazi notables, so difficult to identify today. Eva Braun and her sister Margarete (Gretl) can sometimes be difficult to tell apart in these films, as they often looked very similar to each other. When they appear together they can be told apart, but when they appear separately, it can be sometimes difficult to say with certainty which it is. For still photos and identification of personnel, see . An identification of names is at the bottom of this page. For further identification of locations see and subpages.



Reel 1
Start  --  swimming at the Königsbach waterfall at Königssee – Franciska “Fanny” Braun (Eva’s mother), Gretl Braun, Ursula “Uschi” Schneider (daughter of Eva’s friend Herta Ostermeyer Schneider), Gretl swims in the nude, Fritz Braun (Eva’s father)  (B/W)
3:28  --  friends at the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest) (incl. Herta Schneider and her husband Erwin, Uschi Schneider, Braun family, Eva, Gretl)
4:32  --  swimming at Königssee (Schneider family, Braun family, EB, Gretl, dogs, and others)
8:26  --  sunbathing at Kehlsteinhaus (same group)
11:00  --  Berghof, Obersalzberg – Brauns and Schneiders with children and dogs get on a bus
11:31  --  Berghof – house staff, secretaries, and adjutants congratulate Hitler (with Herbert Döhring, Margarete Mittlstrasser (Berghof staff), Otto Günsche (one of Hitler’s SS aides), Martin Bormann, Adolf Wagner (Gauleiter of Munich), Heinrich Hoffmann (Hitler’s photographer), Dr. Theo Morell (Hitler’s personal physician), Wilhelm Brückner (Hitler’s personal adjutant), Gerda Daranowski and Christa Schroeder (Hitler’s secretaries), Eva and Gretl Braun, Dr. Karl Brandt (Hitler’s traveling surgeon) (probably New Years 1939/40 – same as photo in EB photo album 8, NARA Still Pictures Branch)
13:12  --  EB swimming at Schliersee
13:50  --  EB acrobatics
14:10  --  Obersalzberg - view from Berghof window (Bormann’s house), Berghof side terrace, picture window, panoramic views from the Berghof window and terrace (color)
15:53  --  Mooslahnerkopf Teehaus overlook and Teehaus interior (part) (color)
16:37  --  Berghof – Adolf Hitler with Adolf Wagner (Gauleiter of Munich)
16:47  --  “Die bunte Film Schau No. 2 aufgenommen von Eva Braun” (with Eva’s EB monogram as a 4-leaf clover) – Eva edited this sequence of visits to various swimming locations, with title boards by her artist friend Sofie Stork – “The Variety Film Show No. 2, Filmed by Eva Braun” - “Wir baden im Schliersee” – EB acrobatics, walks in woods (includes Fanny Braun, Sofie Stork (an artist friend of AH and EB), sculptor Arno Breker’s widow) – “Um Starnberger-see” - swimming – EB on air mattress, Braun family members  – “Im Chiemsee” – Braun family in trachten clothing, swimming, boating – “Wolfgangsee” – EB water skiing – “Im Aschauer Weiher” (near Berchtesgaden) – Anni Brandt swims with children, EB on the lake side, Anni Brandt dives from a diving board - “Im Wörthsee” – sunbathing/swimming with Braun family and friends, Gretl poses with umbrella – “ 'Pünktchen' am Berg” (" 'Dottie' on the Mountain" (29:46) – sunbathing at Berghof – same as EB album photos (Eva, Gerda Bormann, Herta Schneider, and actress Else von Möllendorff ("Pünktchen") sunbathe, Else von Möllendorff poses, Gretl Braun and Herta Schneider take snapshots, table tennis, EB with Uschi, dog) – “Im Schorn Weiher” – Königssee - diving, dogs in water, Gretl is wrapped in a bath towel and a man tries to pull the towel off, EB in tree, acrobatics (color)
36:52  --  Berghof seen from Mooslahnerkopf Teehaus route (color)
37:28  --  Hitler on Berghof terrace, with architect Albert Speer, Julius Schaub (personal adjutant) and Gerhard Engel (army adjutant), Teehaus walk, with Speer children, with Baldur von Schirach (youth leader), Joachim von Ribbentrop (foreign minister), Walter Hewel (foreign office liaison), LAH guard on Berghof steps (color)
41:47  --  EB and Margarete Speer pick flowers, dressed in dirndls (color)
42:51  --  inside Berghof (dark) – Hitler with Joachim von Ribbentrop, Martin Bormann, Reinhard Heydrich (SS leader) and Heinrich Himmler (head of the SS) (B/W)

Reel 2
44:12  --  Berghof views, Josef Goebbels arrives in Mercedes and is greeted by Julius Schaub (Hitler’s personal adjutant), at the Mooslahnerkopf overlook, Teehaus walk, Teehaus scenes (Dr. Karl Brandt outside), Watzmann mountain (47:32), panoramas (color)
47:52  --  Hitler on Berghof terrace with Wilhelm Brückner, LAH honor guard, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Karl Wolff, others, LAH honor guard, Heinrich Hoffmann, Count Galeazzo Ciano (Italian Foreign Minister) arrives (50:11) (color)
48:10  --  Hitler does a little “dance” on the Berghof terrace, in a well-known scene
50:29  --  Berghof terrace with guests – Brandts, Speers, Essers, Morells, Bormanns, Wilhelm Brückner, Walter Hewel, Jacob Werlin (?), Max Wünsche (SS aide), secretaries, Ribbentrop makes face (color)
51:46  --  Teehaus walk with Bormann, Ribbentrop, Brückner and others; Teehaus interior with Ribbentrop (color)
52:17  --  drive to Kehlsteinhaus, Kehlsteinhaus in snow (color)
53:58  --  EB with Bormann children at Bormann house (Easter egg hunt, 1938?) (color)
54:45  --  view of background buildings from Bormann house (greenhouse, SS Kaserne – includes Hanni Morell, Gerda Bormann, Sofie Stork, Adolf Wagner, Martin Bormann, Gretl Braun) (color)
54:52  --  AH at Berghof terrace with Julius Schaub, Adolf Wagner, Martin Bormann, Sofie Stork, Hanni Morell, EB, Hermann Esser and wife, Dr. Theo Morell; Gretl Braun, EB on terrace (color)
57:01  --  EB with Franz X. Schwarz and wife on Berghof terrace, also unk. man (color)
57:41  --  EB poses in dirndl on Berghof terrace, makes face (color)
58:29  --  AH with his dog Blondi, Hermann Esser on side terrace, Blondi plays (color)
58:45  --  AH secretaries Gerda Daranowski and Christa Schroeder in dirndls on Berghof terrace (color)
59:03  --  AH inside Berghof Wintergarten (color)
59:10  --  Berghof views, Gretl Braun with Walter Hewel, AH with Adolf Wagner (color)
1:00:46  --  Gerda Daranowski and Gretl Braun inside the Berghof Wintergarten (B/W)
1:01:03  --  Berghof panorama, AH descends staircase, AH in overcoat (color)
1:02:28  --  Berghof interior (dark) – AH greets women of the Berghof staff (B/W)
1:03:16  --  Teehaus walk in the snow, birdhouses with Watzmann, AH at Berghof in snow, with Blondi (B/W)
1:04:30  --  Watzmann view, children play in snow, AH at Berghof with lots of snow (color)
1:05:10  --  Braun family swimming (probably at Starnberger See, same as Reel 1), water horseplay, also swimming at Königssee (same scene as Reel 1 with Gretl in a bath towel) (color)
1:08:22  --  Berghof terrace – Wilhelm Brückner, Gerda Bormann, Dr. Karl Brandt, unk. man (color)
1:09:05  --  Mooslahnerkopf Teehaus walk and views, overlook (color)
1:09:29  --  Berghof terrace – Walter Hewel, Gerda Bormann, Wilhelm Brückner, Gerda Daranowski, Albert Speer, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler with Max Amann, Hanni Morell, Berghof front view, back on terrace – Brückner clowns around; Anni Brandt and Margarete Speer (color)
1:11:26  --  Teehaus walk (color) (Villa Bechstein at 1:11:40)
1:11:41  --  Braun family and others at Kehlsteinhaus (Uschi Schneider, Heinrich Hoffmann with his son Heinrich Jr. (“Heini”), man clowning at falling, Herta Schneider with her daughter Brigitte (“Gitta”) (B/W)
1:14:11  --  sunbathing, swimming, playing with kitten, unk. man (B/W)
1:15:15  --  Hitler at Berghof with Joachim von Ribbentrop, Martin Bormann (B/W)
1:15:39  --  Bormann children playing in the snow at the Kehlsteinhaus, in the greenhouse (also with Speer children, Easter egg hunt?), with Sofie Stork, Hanni Morell, Gretl Braun, EB and others (color)
1:18:15  --  EB in dirndl on Berghof terrace (same day as 57:41), unk. man with Dr. Karl Brandt, Walter Hewel on a recliner (color)

Reel 3A
1:18:57  --  plane flight (color)
1:19:36  --  Herta Schneider with children (color)
1:19:55  --  Josef “Sepp” Dietrich (commander of Hitler’s LAH bodyguard unit) on Berghof terrace, Dietrich with Gretl Braun and children, Ilse Braun (?) - 21:15) (color)
1:21:18  --  trip to some town, with Fachwerk (half-timbered) buildings, EB in a tree, group including Gretl, Fanny, and Fritz Braun  (B/W)
1:22:27  --  EB and Gretl Braun (?) at their Munich house (?) (color)
1:22:39  --  EB, Gerda Daranowski, Dr. Theo Morell, others on plane (B/W)
1:23:04  --  dogs on Berghof terrace, with terrier puppies (of Negus or Stasi?), view of Untersberg mountains (color)
1:25:47  --  EB, Otto Dietrich, Morells, others in train, Martin Bormann and Gretl Braun at Berghof, dogs inside and outside, Fanny Braun, Dr. Hugo Blaschke; Berghof mists (testing the smoke screen generator system for air defense), AH with dogs on terrace (notice the camouflage netting hanging off the Berghof terrace walls during these smoke screen test views) (B/W)
1:27:51  --  group of officers and civilians at Kehlsteinhaus and on Berghof terrace, Fanny Braun, housecat (color)
1:28:55  --  “Im Tiergarten von Berlin” – The scene immediately following this title board does not match - the scene shows Margarete Speer in Italy, with the wind blowing her skirt up (color)
1:29:15  --  Berghof terrace – Dr. Theo and Hanni Morell, Wilhelm Brückner, Otto Dietrich (press chief), others; children play in washtub, Dr. Karl Brandt and unk. couple, Walter Hewel (color)
1:30:38  --  on a cruise - ice in a fjord (?)
1:30:51  --  at the Berghof - AH with children, puppies play in the Berghof (same as 1:25:47), bird in the sink (Berghof bathroom ?) (B/W)
1:35:19  --  Berghof staircase – Sepp Dietrich, Otto Dietrich (?) and others (Karl Wolff (?) (B/W)
1:35:55  --  skiing – Karl and Anni Brandt, EB (note that the turn markers are swastika flags); SS adjutants skiing - includes Otto Günsche, Hans-Georg Schulze, Hans Pfeiffer, Gretl Braun and EB (color)
1:38:58  --  SS General Hermann Fegelein marries Gretl Braun, 3 June 1944; Himmler, Bormann are witnesses (B/W) (see Reel 5)
1:41:30  --  Fegelein wedding reception in Kehlsteinhaus (part) (B/W)
1:41:48  --  Herta Schneider and children at Berghof, Watzmann view from Gutshof fields, Berghof front view (B/W)
1:42:12  --  EB with Uschi and Gitta Schneider at Mooslahnerkopf overlook, and swimming at Königssee, Herta Schneider with husband Erwin at Königssee (B/W)
1:46:52  --  AH with Uschi and Gitta Schneider in Berghof (AH looks old ) (B/W)
1:48:52  --  Schneider children with rabbits at the Berghof, children in the Berghof at Christmas, Erwin Schneider (?), Herta and EB close-up (51:18), at inn in mountains, more of Herta and family (Erwin Schneider was a Gebirgsjäger Oberleutnant), EB and Herta kiss and hug (B/W)



Reel 3B
Start  --  Herrnchiemsee palace (B/W)
0:32  --  July 1939 Braun family cruise to Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, at a German radar installation, German liner "Milwaukee" (B/W)
1:48  --  at travel agency, hat shop – Fanny Braun (color)
2:40  --  at the plane - EB, Fanny Braun, Hans Baur (Hitler's pilot), at Hamburg (or Bremerhaven) (liner “Milwaukee”) – Braun family (B/W and color)
5:46  --  at Hamburg (or Bremerhaven), on the cruise, passing the KdF cruise ship “Robert Ley”, Braun family and friends and scenery during the cruise (color)
12:36  --  in Norway – local people, village (B/W)
14:44  --  in Norway, geyser, back onboard ship to another location, shipping village, Norwegian trachten (folk) clothing (color)
18:32  --  ceremony on ship (possibly for crossing the Arctic Circle), fjords, glaciers, sea ice, Braun family and shipmates (color)

Reel 4
25:51  --  at airfield - Gen. ? arrives, honor guards salute, Gen. Erich von Manstein meets him, reviews troops (Italians ?) (probably not actually an EB film - this sequence does not appear on some DVDs) (B/W)

Note: The times for the rest of Disc 2 are shown twice - the first time is for a DVD set that omits the airfield scene above, the time in parentheses is for a DVD set that contains these extra 10 minutes.

25:51 (35:57)  --  in port at Copenhagen – harbor, warships, buildings, fish market, returning to port (Bremerhaven ?) – Fanny Braun  (color)
28:50 (38:56)  --  on the Autobahn (color)
29:04 (39:10)  --  Herta Schneider and children at Berghof, Uschi plays with rabbits (color)
33:13 (43:19)  --  boating at Königssee – Herta Schneider (color)
34:05 (44:11)  --  children play at Berghof – Hotel zum Türken in background, Uschi turns somersaults, Uschi with adjutants, guards, dogs (color)
40:05 (50:11)  --  Herta Schneider plays with daughter Uschi at some other location (not the Berghof), mountain village (color)
40:25 (50:31)  --  Gretl Braun and Anni Brandt play with dogs at the Berghof, Erwin Schneider plays with daughter Uschi (color)

Reel 5
41:44 (51:50)  --  “Ausflug zum Kehlstein” – drive to Kehlsteinhaus - actors visit the Kehlsteinhaus (B/W)
44:26 (54:32)  --  village festival (film set?) - actors (?) in trachten costumes shop and have lunch, then clown around on stage, Braun women visit, actors at a lake (the film was "Der laufende Berg" (1941), and the actors seen here probably include some of the following: Hansi Knoteck, Paul Richter, Maria Andergast, Fritz Kampers, Gustl Gstettenbaur, Beppo Brem, and Martin Schmidhofer) (B/W)
47:14 (57:20)  --  EB and others at car, landscape, trees in spring, EB in dirndl, actors at a picnic (color)
48:57 (59:03)  --  Kehlsteinhaus actors group from start of reel, at a cafe (B/W)
49:54 (1:00:00)  --  Hermann Fegelein marries Gretl Braun in Salzburg, 3 June 1944 – then the main Kehlsteinhaus wedding reception film, also scenes filmed in Martin Bormann's house (see Reel 3A). The following can be seen: Fegelein and Gretl, EB, Bormann and his wife Gerda (Fegelein shakes hands with Gerda Bormann), Herta Schneider with her daughters Uschi (dressed as an angel) and Gitta (Uschi recites), Fanny, Fritz, and Ilse Braun, Georg Alexander, Heini Handschuhmacher, cooks in the Kehlsteinhaus, reception in the Kehlsteinhaus great room and Scharitzkehl room, the couple pose with Hitler in the Berghof great room (Hitler did not attend the Kehlsteinhaus reception)  (B/W)
57:26 (1:07:32)  --  Hitler eats with children in Berghof (Haus Wachenfeld), children and Berghof staff with Christmas tree (see end of Reel 3A - the staff seen include Herbert Döhring), AH with children (Goebbels ?) in Mooslahnerkopf Teehaus (?) (B/W)
1:02:12 (1:12:18)  --  AH in Berghof with Otto Dietrich (?), Walter Hewel, Karl Bodenschatz (?), Nicolaus von Below (?), Julius Schaub, Martin Bormann, Rudolf Schmundt (?), others, Berghof ladies (includes Anni Brandt, Margarete Speer, Gretl Braun) (B/W)
1:04:03 (1:14:22)  --  Mooslahnerkopf Teehaus (Hitler with Schaub - cuts to shot of Hitler in the Berghof Wintergarten), Teehaus walk in snow, EB and Gretl Braun, Berghof front steps (Berghof 1938 extension and Hotel zum Türken seen in background), Hitler at the Mooslahnerkopf overlook, Hanni Morell in a sleigh, skiing (B/W)
1:06:57 (1:17:03)  --  woman talks on phone, she and man practice “cut finger” trick (the woman may be the actress Maria Andergast), guests and EB play with male German shepherd, Gretl Braun, Ilse Braun (?), Fanny amd Fritz Braun and guests clown with food and drink, Brauns and Morells as guests (B/W)
1:09:34 (1:19:40)  --  man clowns around with piano, Braun family, EB, Gretl and others party, EB does a cabaret, others dressed up (Fasching? – some still photos also of this, also color portrait photos of EB taken on this occasion) (B/W)
1:14:59 (1:25:05)  --  Brauns outside the Munich (?) house, close-up of Gretl Braun and maid, same guests as before, playing with dogs (male German shepherd – Basko?, dachshund, Scottish terriers Negus and/or Stasi) (color)
1:18:42 (1:28:48)  --  Fritz Braun smokes cigar, same guests socialize and clown around (color)
1:22:14 (1:32:20)  --  sunbathing at beach – Braun family and guests – facial close-ups – dogs play in water (color)
1:25:11 (1:35:17)  --  shot of the Reiteralpe mountains from the Berghof
1:25:14 (1:35:20)  --  guests clown at roadside (color)
1:26:04 (1:36:10)  --  “Der Führer besucht seine Heimat am 12.VI.39” – “Das Grab der Eltern in Leonding” – Hitler visits his Austrian home on 12 June 1939 – at the grave of Hitler’s parents in Leonding/Linz (color)
1:26:29 (1:36:35)  --  “Gut Hafeld” – driving by the Rauchergut in Hafeld (a Hitler childhood home in Austria) (color)
1:26:58 (1:37:04)  --  movie filming set (The film was "Der laufende Berg," produced for German cinema in 1941, starring Hansi Knoteck, Paul Richter, Maria Andergast, Fritz Kampers, Gustl Gstettenbaur, Beppo Brem, Martin Schmidhofer, and others (see above, 41:44ff, and Reel 6) (color)
1:27:44 (1:37:50)  --  “Pause Mittagessen” – lunch break on the film set – EB, Gretl Braun, Herta Schneider, actors in trachten costumes (color)
1:28:36 (1:38:42)  --  “Erneuerung der Schminke” – touching up make-up on the film set, Gretl Braun and actors laugh, actors pose with Herta Schneider, Gretl, and EB (color)
1:29:56 (1:40:02)  --  “ 'Siegfrieds' Kraftprobe” – 'Siegfried's' test of strength - film set (color)
1:30:14 (1:40:20)  --  “Aussen-Aufnahmen” – outdoor film set in the mountains, actors, landslide (part of the film) (color)


Reel 6
Start  --  loading up for trip (EB’s Munich house ?), at airfield, on plane – Hans Baur is the pilot, Braun family and friends  (color)
4:14  --  Braun family trip to Italy – Gretl Braun, Anni Brandt, Fanny Braun - swimming (EB in white swimsuit), storm on waterfront, Bay of Naples (Castel dell'Ovo - "Egg Castle" visible), touring a volcano (presumably Vesuvius), touring a town and rocky coast, touring ruins of Pompeii, scenes in Florence, boating on a lake, boats and children at the waterfront, driking on the boat - Gretl Braun and Gloria Schreiber-Kalanag (?), Little Mermaid statue and buildings in Copenhagen (belongs with Reel 4), back to the lake in Italy (color)
32:27  --  “Der laufende Berg” Aussenaufnahmen (this title board belongs with the “The Running Mountain” filming in Reel 5) – winter mountain trip with Hanni Morell, EB (color - poor)
34:06  --  on the plane – Julius Schaub, Otto Dietrich, Braun ladies (color)
36:14  --  AH with Martin Bormann and others on Berghof driveway and terrace (color)
37:25  --  guests on Berghof terrace – usual "inner circle" group (incl. Walter Hewel, Karl Brandt, Albert Bormann, Hermann Esser, Albert Speer), AH greets the ladies – Gerda Daranowski, Hanni Morell, Sofie Stork, and others; EB, Gretl Braun, Hermann Esser, Adolf Wagner, Nicolaus von Below (color)
39:03  --  Hitler and Heinrich Hoffmann on the Berghof terrace, Morells, Martin Bormann, ladies on terrace, Hoffmann, Dr. Karl Brandt, Gretl Braun, Adolf Wagner, Hermann Esser clowns with Hoffmann (color)
40:10  --  Mooslahnerkopf Teehaus walk, Heinrich Hoffmann and others at overlook
41:28  --  Berghof terrace – ladies, Hansgeorg Schulze “Frettchen” (SS aide), Adolf Wagner, Morells, back at Mooslahnerkopf overlook, children at Teehaus (color)
43:14  --  EB leans over Mooslahnerkopf overlook (color)

Reel 7
44:01  --  “Wir gehen ‘Gassi’” – walking dogs in snow at EB’s Munich house – Braun family and friends (with dachshund) (color)
44:52  --  walking dogs on lake beach – Morells and others with boxer, Gretl and EB look for fish  (color)
47:30  --  playing on lake ice with dogs (boxer), EB skating (color)
48:59  --  Gretl Braun with flowers – Gretl wears red print dress seen in Kehlsteinhaus still photos (EB’s photo albums in NARA Still Pictures Branch)  (color)
49:18  --  Braun family/friends group goes for a walk, wades and plays with dog in stream (color)
51:58  --  “Unser Häuschen” (“Our Little House”) – EB’s and Gretl’s Munich house (Wasserburgerstrasse 12, Bogenhausen) – playing with dog and water hose, Gretl plays table tennis, EB with hose, Fritz Braun plays with dogs (color)
55:04  --  “Rad’lverein” ("Cycle Club")  --  Braun family group biking at EB's Munich house (color)
56:28  --  “Brand in Riem” – barn on fire in Riem (Munich suburb near EB’s house) (color)
57:00  --  cruise to Norway (?) – EB and others on ship (color)
57:59  --  Hitler with Gitta Schneider at Berghof (color)
58:26  --  “Auf dem Berghof” – orderlies and guests with children, AH with Uschi Schneider, EB with rabbit, AH with Gitta Schneider in Berghof driveway (color)
1:01:02  --  Hitler with Albert Bormann, Baldur and Henriette von Schirach at the Berghof, EB’s dogs, AH greets the ladies (including secretary Christa Schroeder) (color)
1:01:30  --  Hitler with Heinrich Hoffmann at Berghof, Dr. Hugo Blaschke and Dr. Karl Brandt seen in background (color)
1:02:29  --  Berlin parade (Hitler’s 50th birthday ?) (color)
1:03:43  --  Hitler at Berghof – posed shots in brown jacket, climbing steps, Wilhelm Brückner at steps, AH with Speer children (color)
1:05:00  --  visit of Khalid al Hud, special envoy from the king of Saudi Arabia, to the Berghof, 17 June 1939 (color)
1:05:38  --  Hitler with group at Berghof (SS aide Hansgeorg Schulze in background) (color)
1:05:57  --  EB skates on lake ice (see 47:30) (color)
1:06:21  --  “Im Zoo” – visit to zoo, EB feeds a squirrel, birds land on EB's hands (color)
1:09:16  --  “Die Schule von Fischlham” – visit to Hitler’s boyhood school in Austria – AH, Bormann, Dr. Morell, Heinrich Hoffmann, others, AH with school children and teachers (color)
1:11:14  --  Hitler watches puppies play on Berghof terrace, Admiral Karl Jesko von Puttkammer and other staff seen in background (color)
1:12:23  --  Hitler with Sepp Dietrich on Berghof terrace, with Hermann Esser, Walter Hewel, Dr. Morell, at Mooslahnerkopf overlook with Heinrich Hoffmann, back on the Berghof terrace with staff and visitors (color)
1:17:21  --  EB with dog (Negus or Stasi) on Berghof terrace (color)
1:17:35  --  ladies go for a walk in the snow, Teehaus walk with actresses Magda Schneider (mother of actress Romy Schneider) and Else von Möllendorff (color)
1:18:34  --  EB on Berghof side terrace with her terriers Negus and Stasi, Hitler at the Berghof (color)

Reel 8
1:19:20  --  Norway cruise, on cruise ship, in Hammerfest, Norway, Norwegian woman in local costume (see Reel 3B) (color)
1:21:59  --  at Nordkap (North Cape), Norway - Braun family and friends (B/W)
1:23:10  --  on cruise ship "Milwaukee" - Braun family and friends, visiting a Lapp village, Lapps with reindeer (color)
1:25:16  --  on glacier, in ice caves, on cruise ship – band plays, Braun family and friends in the pool, on deck, sports, lobster is served (color and B/W)
1:33:54  --  party at cruise ship bar (B/W)
1:35:08  --  on cruise ship deck, Norwegian scenery, ship hoists signal flags (color)
1:38:28  --  sentry guarding antique cannon, cannon in battery (color)


AH – Adolf Hitler
Eva Braun / EB – Adolf Hitler’s mistress
Fritz and Franciska “Fanny” Braun – Eva’s parents
Gretl Braun – Eva’s sister Margarete
Ilse Braun – Eva’s sister
Max Amann – Nazi Party publisher
Albert Bormann – Martin Bormann’s brother, on adjutant staff
Martin and Gerda Bormann – Bormann was Hitler’s de facto personal secretary
Karl and Anni Brandt – Brandt was Hitler’s personal traveling surgeon
Wilhelm Brückner – Hitler’s chief adjutant
Galleazo Ciano – Italian Foreign Minister
Gerda Daranowski – one of Hitler’s secretaries
Otto Dietrich – Press Chief
Sepp Dietrich – commander of Hitler’s Leibstandarte bodyguard
Herbert Döhring – Berghof house manager
Gerhard Engel – Hitler’s Army adjutant
Ferdinand Esser – early Nazi Party member and associate of Hitler
Hermann Fegelein – SS General who married Eva Braun’s sister Gretl
Joseph Goebbels – Propaganda Minister
Otto Günsche – one of Hitler’s SS adjutants
Walter Hewel – representative of the Foreign Office to Hitler
Reinhard Heydrich – SS General, chief architect of the Holocaust
Heinrich Himmler – Chief of the SS
Heinrich and Erna Hoffmann – Hoffmann was Hitler’s photographer
Ernst Kaltenbrunner – SS General and head of the Reich Security Service
Theo and Hannelore "Hanni" Morell – Morell was Hitler’s personal physician
Joachim von Ribbentrop – Foreign Minister
Julius Schaub – Hitler’s personal adjutant
Baldur and Henriette “Henny” von Schirach – Schirach was Reich Youth Leader and governor of Vienna
Herta and Erwin Schneider – Herta Schneider was EB’s best friend, and spent much time with her along with the Schneider children Ursula (Uschi) and Brigitte (Gitte)
Magda Schneider – an actress friend of AH and EB
Christa Schroeder – one of Hitler’s secretaries
Hans-Georg “Frettchen” Schulze – one of Hitler’s SS adjutants
Franz Xaver Schwarz – Nazi Party Treasurer
Albert and Margarete Speer – Speer was Hitler’s favorite architect
Sofie Stork – an artist friend of AH and EB
Adolf Wagner – Gauleiter of Munich
Max Wünsche – one of Hitler’s SS adjutants

Blondi – Hitler’s favorite German Shepherd
Negus and Stasi – EB’s Scottish Terriers

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NOTE:  The DVDs are NOT available from the National Archives, nor do I have any copies for sale, but several eBay dealers sell these. There are several different DVDs of "Eva Braun's Movies" - the complete set runs over five hours (some DVD sets do not contain the entire film set).


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